A Friendship That Doesn't Stay Afloat

I do not typically enjoy the hassle of buying insurance, but the other day I found an amazing deal and wonderful new friend. It was from a short term insurance company (try this one in the UK) and the man on the other line was one of the most interesting human being I have ever talked to. We ending having such a good time we decided to get our families together for dinner one night. We set up a time to meet at a home cooked buffet near both of our houses. I told my wife I met a new friend while buying some short term car insurance and she thought I was crazy. It took a little of convincing, but I finally her got in the car after promising this was going to turn in to a long and fruitful friendship. It turned out I was a liar.

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This man, who seemed so sociable and intelligent on the phone, was the most selfish, loud, and obnoxious human being I have ever met. His wife was equally annoying and spent the entire dinner using her fork to pick food out of her teeth. Her topics of conversation were completely nonsensical and all involved situations which ended in, “You should have been there.” I tried to change the subject back to my short term insurance in hopes of possible getting a better a deal out of the night, but it was a no go. In fact he informed me of a few of the issues hidden in the fine print of the agreement I signed and realize I may not be the one of out of my wife and me to be making financial decisions. My wife strongly agrees on this point and likes to bring it up quite frequently.

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By the end of the night my wife and I were so bored and insulted by the off the cuff remarks of this couple that we both went to the restroom and slipped out the back. We felt bad sticking them with the bill, but we also felt completely justified in doing so. The next day I cancelled my policy with him and found a new company for my short term insurance needs. The guy I spoke with seemed really nice and we are supposed to play golf later this week. I think this short term insurance will surely blossom into a long term friendship.

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